Karl Blindheim


#12 Sleepy whippet

Each model that the students will be offered will be slightly different and individual. Color selection for painting will also be varied and individualized. You will learn finishing & painting techniques.

SUPPLIES & TOOLS STUDENT WILL NEED: fine brushes #0, #00, #000 for acrylic paint. If needed: personal lighting & extension cord.

DATE & TIME: Thursday, June 27, 6:00pm-10:00pm

CLASS #12 1” scale

WORKSHOP FEE for #12: $93.00




SUPPLIED BY INSTRUCTOR: Necessary supplies provided by instructor. All flower parts in kit form.

STUDENT NEED TO BRING: Bring their own container rather than the one provided by instructor. Bring fine scissors, fine tweezers, & lighting with extension cord.

DATE & TIME: Friday, June 28, 8:00am-12:00pm

CLASS #19 1” scale

WORKSHOP FEE for #19: $93.00