**Accessories not included.*    **Room box not included.*

**Accessories not included.*

**Room box not included.*

Paris Renfroe

#3 modern fireplace

We will be offering 3 different style, ‘contemporary’, ‘farmhouse modern’, & ‘modern’ allowing the students to select the design that works best for them. There will be plenty of materials on hand, as the idea is to see what designs the students will come up with on their own. The class will consist of basic assembly, some painting, sanding, weathering, as well as some wiring and soldering of the switch and the LED lights that make up the fire.

Class is rated at beginner to intermediate.

SUPPLIED TO INSTRUCTORS: Includes all materials

DATE & TME: Wednesday & Thursday, June 26-27, 9-5

CLASS #3 1” scale

COST OF #3: $373.00