Mary Martin

Craftsman Inspired Porch

Free standing craftsman style porch. A perfect addition or complement to your miniature collection. You will relax and feel refreshed just gazing upon you porch!

TOOLS to bring: basic mini tool kit, glue, blue tape(masking

DATE & TIME: Thursday,

PRICE: $140.00


Ruth Stewart

Christmas Market Chocolate stall

Join me in making a 1:12 German Chocolate stand for your inner chocoholic! This kit makes a wonderful wooden stall that has shelves in the back. It comes with a brand new mold to make all the chocolate tools & you don”t need to melt the chocolate to start! To finish your chocolate stall you will learn how to dust your chocolate, then lay it I a bed go hay.

TOOLS to bring: X-Acto blade, tweezers, lighting & . magnification if needed.

DATE & TIME: Thursday, 9am-5pm

PRICE: $95.00