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Jill Castoral & Pat Holstrom

Acorn wood cottage

Join us in building this 1/2 scale whimsical wood cottage. The design is based on the real life Hansel House in Carmel, California. Learn techniques such as handcrafting the cottage tree supports, creating faux stained glass windows, making shingles, aging and texturing by layering paint colors and stains and creating faux stone. The cottage is raised on a 9” round wood base and is designed to fit snugly under an 8” x 12” glass dome. The charming raccoon peeking out of a knothole, as well as the resin chimney, fireplace, flooring, singles, wood base, and ornamenttal acorn light fixture are all included. An extra set of non-seasonal diamond paned windows is also included.

The creative possibilities of Acorn Wood Cottage are limited only by your imagination. A home for forest creatures, a fairytale cottage, a spell and potions shop or it could serve as a one-room display scene for your favorite rustic items. This class will be a casual and fun learning experience with 2 instructors.

The glass dome, animals furnishings, and accessories are not included.

Supplies and tools to BRING:

  • Small straight scissors

  • Xacto knife with new blades and cutting mat

  • Tweezers

  • Sand paper or emory board

  • assorted brushes'

  • Glue - Aieen’s Original Dry white glue

  • Minwax Golden Oak stain marker (available at Walmart or Home Depot)

DATE & TIME: Wed.-Thurs. June 26-27, 8:00am-5:00pm

COST of the workshop: $495.00



HALLOWEEN STAND or veggie market stall

The students will make a choice between a Halloween stand or a veggie market stall. Each will come with items to go in it.

supplies & tools to BRING: basic tool kit, stall paint color

DATE & TIME: Friday, June 28, 8:00am-12:0pm noon

COST of workshop: $ 142.00